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Over the past few years, Malta has experienced a definite and positive shift towards greater cultural acceptance of LGBTIQ in all aspects of life. This, together with recent changes in legislation introduced by government, saw the Maltese Islands rise to first place on the ILGA-Europe Rainbow Europe Index in 2016. This has also contributed to make Malta increasingly popular with gay travelers.

Same-sex marriages

As a progressive Maltese island, Gozo celebrates love as an essential component to life, whatever form it takes, regardless of the age or sex of the couple. In September 2017, Malta enacted the law allowing same-sex marriages. Malta, also leads the way in Europe for gay rights and for LGBTIQ equality.

Guests from abroad will find that the vast majority of the Maltese people are gracious and welcoming hosts, eager to help them discover Malta, Gozo and Comino and make their stay enjoyable and hassle-free. The gay community will be glad to share tips on the best restaurants, cafes, pubs, nightclubs and boutiques to visit, as well as gay-friendly hotels and other accommodation to stay in. They will also know about upcoming events, social gatherings and parties.

As always, like-minded locals are your best guides.

For information about the gay scene in Malta and Gozo, consult – a non-profit website which contains an up-to-date Gay Events Calendar, Local News, a listing of currently open Gay Bars/Venues and other info that would be of interest to the gay visitor.


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